Sprays out a blast of 4 sharp grapes for additional poppage.
~ BMC description

Grape Shot in Bloons TD 5.

Monkey Buccaneer pic

A Monkey Buccaneer with Grape Shot in Bloons TD 4

Grape Shot is an upgrade for the Monkey Buccaneer in BTD4, BTD5 and BTD6. Grape Shot adds a volley of deadly sharpened grapes to the attack. In BTD5, the grapes, once fired, have the same capabilities as the darts from an 0/1 Dart Monkey as they can pop 2 bloons each.

Bloons Tower Defense 4Edit

In BTD4, this upgrade is the 1st upgrade for the Monkey Buccaneer. It costs $255 on Easy, $300 on Medium, and $325 on Hard.

Bloons Tower Defense 5Edit

In BTD5, this upgrade is the 1st upgrade of path 2 for the Monkey Buccaneer. It costs $425 on Easy, $500 on Medium, $540 on Hard, and $600 on Impoppable.

Bloons Tower Defense 6Edit

In BTD6, this upgrade is the first upgrade of Path 2. It shoots 4 grapes per shot that can pop up to two bloons per grape, as usual. It costs the same as in BTD5, costing $425 on Easy, $500 on Medium, $540 on Hard, and $600 on Impoppable.

The only difference in BTD6 is that the spray of 4 grapes can also be shot in both directions, but only depending on whether there are bloons in the sight of both directions of the Buccaneer or not. Also, since Crow's Nest has moved to Path 3, an upgrade Hot Shot is the upgrade after Grape Shot, a cheaper alternative to Lead-popping power from the Buccaneer.

Version History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)Edit

Grape Shot is a powerful upgrade for the early-game, particularly against Grouped Reds. Placing multiple 0/1 Buccaneers are very effective against Grouped Bloons up to Round 10. Placing a single 1/1 Buccaneer can solo against Spaced Pinks if placed effectively, while placing multiple 1/1 Buccaneers are effective against early spaced rushes. However, the Version 4.3 buff to the base cost of the Buccaneer made Grape Shot a little too easy to afford, so it was nerfed to the "normal" price of $1000 for a 0/1 Buccaneer ($450 for base tower and $550 for Grape Shot).


Nerf Grape Shot price increased ($500 --> $550)


  • In BTD5, the grapes are purple, where as in BTD4 the grapes are green. This is purely an aesthetic change.
  • This upgrade works very well when the bloons are close to the Monkey Buccaneer.
    • The target "close" is therefore effective for Grape Shot Buccaneers.
  • This upgrade is better than buying 4 separate Dart Monkeys as Grape Shot is cheaper.
    • However, the grapes do not independently target bloons as Dart Monkeys would.
  • In BTD4, the grapes have eyes but the grapes in BTD5 don't.
  • In a 2013 update, all grapes now pop 2 bloons each instead of 1. This is why the Grape Shot price had risen from $300 to the current $500 cost today.
  • In BTD4, when purchasing the Grape Shot, the Monkey Buccaneer gets 2 more cannons. However, in BTD5, there are no added cannons to the Monkey Buccaneer, instead having a pile of grapes in front of the monkey.
  • This upgrade helps the Monkey Buccaneer immensely when bloons are spaced out, as the darts have a tendency to miss some bloons.
  • The grapes in BTD4 more resemble olives than grapes.