A player's Grassy Pass city.

Grassy Pass is a player's first 'capital' area. They start out with this area.


It mainly contains Grass Terrains, Forest Terrains and Heavy Forest Terrains, but other tiles may appear. Other tiles included in this city are Lake Terrains, River Terrains, Hills Terrains, Jungle Terrains, Mountains Terrains, Caves Terrains, Snow Terrains and Volcano Terrains.

A player's city in Grassy Pass is required to be at least Level 15 to unlock a Bloon Dunes city.


  • It is the only city in Bloons Monkey City Mobile.
  • Players in both mobile and PC versions learn the tutorial in this area.
  • Unlike Bloons Dunes, this area does not have an extra map for most terrains, because these maps are exclusive to that area.


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