Green bloons move even faster and have blue bloons inside them!
~ Round 6 in Bloons TD 1
First Green Bloons are coming next round.
~ Round 6 BTD5
Have some free money with the 80 Greens coming up next round.
~ Round 18 BTD5

The Green Bloon is a Bloon that appears in every Bloons game to date. It traditionally appears in Round 6. It spawns a Blue Bloon, and is the "grandparent" of a Red Bloon. It is faster than a Blue Bloon, but it is slower than the Bloon it spawns from (a Yellow Bloon). It moves at the same speed as a Black Bloon (5 BPS). It has a RBE of 1 (in Bloons games) or 3 (other games), meaning it takes 3 hits to pop completely.


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