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This is the last level. If you are playing on Hard then I salute you.
~ Round 50 on Bloons Tower Defense 2
On Hard, the towers cost more than normal, the bloons move faster, and you have 100 lives. Winning the Hard difficulty awards you a gold medal for that track
~ Description in BTD5 when mouse hovers over the Hard Difficulty icon
If you're playing on Hard, you've done well to get this far, but it will all end next level.
~ Round 85 on Bloons Tower Defense 5

The Hard Difficulty icon in Bloons TD 4

Hard Difficulty is the third and final difficulty in the Bloons Tower Defense 2-5 (not BTD5 Mobile) since the release of Bloons TD 2. At the beginning of a game, the player has half as many lives on hard as they do on Easy. In BTD2 and BTD3, hard difficulty has 50 Rounds. However, purchasing the towers is also pretty expensive in hard difficulty.

Bloons TD 4Edit

Hard 2

The Hard Difficulty icon in Bloons TD 5

In Bloons TD 4 and Bloons TD 4 Expansion, hard difficulty has 75 Rounds that must be passed for the player to be awarded a Gold Medal. It is represented by a general monkey.

Bloons TD 5Edit

In Bloons TD 5, the player must pass Round 85, which is the first round with a ZOMG bloon, in order to win on hard difficulty. The Bloons move a little bit faster than on Easy Mode or Medium mode, and the player has only 100 lives. Towers are 8% more expensive than in Medium Difficulty. This difficulty is represented by a Robo Monkey, or by a Sun God in Extreme Tracks in its icon.


  • Due to the fact the you have many fewer lives than in other modes, Spike Factories should be placed at the end of a track to ensure that no bloons pass the end of the track.
  • Up amount of money needed for powerful upgrades.
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