Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Mode selected (highlighted in white box)

Hardcore Mode is a special difficulty added to Bloons Monkey City on 21 February 2014. You can use it at level 10. It slightly increases Bloon speed, and increases the size of bloon rushes. It also makes upgrades cost as much as they would during Hard Difficulty in the Bloons TD series. Bloons give .1 less cash for every pop in the first 15 rounds unlike during normal mode. Winning on Hardcore Mode grants double City Cash, Double Bloontonium (including salvaged Bloontonium, even if loss), Double Honor and, if No Lives Lost, BloonstoneIcon10. It is suggested to NEVER go hardcore on a MVM defense, as even easy maps can have incredibly overwhelming numbers of Bloons in later rounds, making even lead rushes seem very difficult for a experienced player, and retrying costs BloonstoneIcon50 (much more than could be won by winning). Hardcore Mode also cannot be activated on Special Mission Tiles, or Bloon Beacon Tiles.

This type of mode is exclusive to the flash version only.


Main article: Hardcore Mode/Strategies


  • This mode sometimes makes Regrowth Red Bloons appear, even though they are no different from regular reds.
    • Also Camo Bloons may appear even If the level says there will be no Camo Bloons.
  • Having Hardcore Mode on a Red Bloon tile will modify nothing to the Red Bloons, not even to loosely packed or tightly packed bloons.

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