Wizard's magic orb becomes more powerful, pop [sic] up to seven Bloons at once.
~ BTD4 Description
  • Intense Magic in Bloons TD 4.
  • Intense Magic in Bloons TD 5.
  • BTD5 icon
Shoots larger and more powerful magical bolts.
~ BTD5 Description

Intense Magic is the first upgrade on the first path for the Monkey Apprentice. As it says in the description, this upgrade will let the Monkey Apprentice pop 7 bloons and be able to pop frozen bloons. In BTD5, the orbs flash in purple, blue and yellow.


Bloons Tower Defense 4Edit

Bloons Tower Defense 5Edit


The magic orbs become bigger, pops up to 7 bloons, and changing the color.


  • When you buy this upgrade in BTD4, the Apprentice's name changes to "Monkey Sorcerer".

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