Jolly Roger is an Extreme Map in the iOS version of Bloons Tower Defense 4. Because it is part of the Extreme Map Pack, it is very, very difficult.


This track is on a flag. The paths of Jolly Roger go in a X-shape. In the eyes of the skull on the flag, there are two pools of water, perfect for Monkey Buccaneers. Towers can be placed almost anywhere on the flag (except on the path).



  • Jolly Roger is a flag to identify Pirate Ships (not to be confused with Monkey Buccaneer).
    • This extreme track (including BTD5 extreme tracks) is the only one that doesn't have a reference to popular culture.
  • This track is similar to Main Street and Ascension, because Jolly Roger, Main Street and Ascension have similar paths.
  • There are small parts where there is the ocean.