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Converts to a cannon that shoots super powerful beams able to cause massive bloon damage.
~ Bloons TD 4 Description
Converts the gun into a powerful laser cannon. Blasts from this tower can pop 13 bloons at once, can pop frozen bloons, and have increased attack rate.
~ Bloons TD 5 Description

Laser Cannon is the final upgrade for the Dartling Gun in Bloons TD 4 and the third upgrade for the first path for the Dartling Gun in Bloons TD 5. In BTD4, this upgrade is unlocked at rank 33. The upgrade gives the monkey a red jumpsuit and increases its attack speed by 15%. Each beam can pop 13 bloons. It can also pop frozen bloons.


In terms of firepower, two of these are roughly equal to a Sun God in Bloons TD 4. The advantage comes with unlimited range; Laser Cannon's firepower can be pinpointed anywhere in the map. It is also cheaper than a Sun God and fires nearly as fast.

In Bloons TD 5, this upgrade is much stronger than its predecessor upgrade, Faster Barrel Spin, being able to pop up to 13 bloons, including bloons that have been frozen.


  • Bloons TD 4: $12750 (Easy), $15000 (Medium), $16200 (Hard)
  • Bloons TD 5: $5100 (Easy), $6000 (Medium), $6480 (Hard)



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