Super Monkey

Super Monkey not shooting

Super Monkey

The Level Skip Button when you have only 1 Super Monkey

The Bloons 2 Level Skip is a power up in Bloons 2. You have five at first and can earn one extra Supermonkey by passing a zone and packs of 3, 50, or infinite supermonkeys when using Mochicoins. When you click the button your dart monkey will become a Super Monkey with Laser Vision. Click and hold to shoot lasers, move cursor to aim.


Super Monkey's Laser Vision


  • Even though it has Laser Vision, it can still destroy all blocks, including metal. This is strange, considering in the Bloons Tower Defense Games (Excluding Bloons TD 4 iOS), Laser Vision cannot even pop through Lead Bloons.
  • When you click the Maximum Power button, it will automatically shoot the laser nonstop unless you click.
  • It is possible not to destroy the bloons by aiming someplace else.
  • When the super monkey destroys a reverse gravity bloon, instead of shooting lasers the opposite direction, its cape will fly up.
  • The player can buy more Level Skips with Mochicoins.
  • If a level is exceptionally annoying, then it is best to destroy all blocks, then destroy the Bloons.

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