Long Life Bananas is the first upgrade on Path 2 for the Banana Farm in Bloons TD 5. This upgrade makes the bananas produced from the banana farm stay on the screen for 20 seconds instead of the usual 10 seconds (25 in BTD Battles). It is useful for people who don't want to place their mouse over the Banana Farms all the time and for people that use Dartling Guns.

This upgrade is considered to be a waste of money due to the Monkey Farmer and the Bloonchipper (with the maxed out Specialty Building) automatically collecting the bananas in under a second, thus rendering this upgrade as a stepping stone to Valuable Bananas. Even on BTD5 and Battles Web, your cursor should be able to collect bananas fast enough.

Bloons TD Battles Mobile HistoryEdit

Initial release

Buff Bananas last longer with Long Life Bananas (20 seconds → 25).

Buff Cost of Long Life Bananas decreased ($500 → $250).
Long Life Bananas BMC

BMC icon

Long Life Bananas

Long Life Bananas upgrade pic.


  • Long Life Bananas is $250 in BTD Battles Flash and Mobile.

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