No longer weaponless, the Meerkat Spy Pro can now blast any single bloon into dust and put the hurt into MOAB-class bloons. Grants camo detection to all towers in his radius.
~ Part of the official description after unlocking the Meerkat Spy Pro

Meerkat Spy Pro is the Pro version of the Meerkat Spy. It can be unlocked after placing fifty Meerkat Spies, totalling to Monkey Dollar3000.

The Meerkat Spy Pro is very similar to the Meerkat Spy, but it shoots laser beams from its eye that can pop up to 4-6 layers of a bloon. It shoots at the same speed as a unupgraded Dart Monkey.


  • The Meerkat Spy Pro
  • Meerkat Spy Pro on the Bloontonium Lab track.
  • Meerkat Spy Pro official artwork.
  • Meerkat Spy Pro Unlocked!
  • Meerkat Spy Pro Unlock Description Updated!

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