Remember to spend your money
~ Round 5 on Bloons Tower Defense 1
Building up a bit of a nest egg are we? Think carefully about what to spend it on - Money tends to get a bit tighter the higher you go in this game. Just sayin'.
~ Round 47 on Bloons Tower Defense 5
Spend your money wisely. You get less after round 50, and even less after 60.
~ Round 48 in BTD4

Money, also known as Cash, is the main currency in the Bloons Tower Defense series and the mini-games of Bloons Monkey City (which have a style similar to BTD5). You use money to buy towers, upgrades, and other special items. In Bloons TD 4 and Bloons TD 5, the player can buy a Premium Upgrade called Double Cash Mode, which gives the player twice the money for each bloon popped and also starts the player out with twice the regular amount. No extra money is earned during Deflation Mode. Money has a "maximum limit", that amount depending on the type of game it is played on. Bloons TD4 iOS is at about $81,000,000, at that point the money increasing slows down to a crawl of normal. Bloons TD 5 Deluxe is at precisely $45,000,000, you can't go any higher even with abilities or anything. The rest have no known cap.

Starting CashEdit

Throughout all of the Bloons Tower Defense series, the player starts off with $650, regardless of difficulty.

In Bloons Monkey City, however, because as the bloons continuously get more and more difficult depending on tile difficulty, it has a different system of what amount of cash the player starts off with. At Level 1, the player normally starts off with $350 cash, but gets a bonus $100 for each new level. The equation for how much cash to start is 250 + 100x (when "x" means the level of player). Thus, at the highest level, Level 40, the player may possess up to $4250 to start (unless influenced by Special Missions, Special Items or Supply Crates). In the mobile version, the starting cash can max to $5250 (excluding other factors).

How to getEdit

There are three ways you can get money:

  • One way is by popping bloons:
Type BTD3   BTD4   BTD5 BMC
Red Bloons 1 1 1 1
Blue Bloons 2 2 2 2
Green Bloons 3 3 3 3
Yellow Bloons 4 4 4 4
Pink Bloons - 5 5 5
Black Bloons 9 11 11 11
White Bloons 9 11 11 11
Camo Bloons - 11 - -
Lead Bloons 19 23 23 23
Zebra Bloons - 23 23 23
Rainbow Bloons 37 47 47 47
Ceramic Bloons 73 92 95 95
M.O.A.B. 292 302 381 381
B.F.B. - 1525 1525 1525
Z.O.M.G. - - 6101 6101
D.D.T. - - - 571
The actual yield depends on the round: in BTD5 it is

There is a sliding cash factor in BMC which means as the difficulty gets higher, the cash penalties will happen sooner.

The formula used for how many rounds sooner/later the penalties happen is determined by: round(6 - difficulty * 0.15)

Normal Mode

  • 110% for rounds before 11
  • 100% for rounds before 15
  • 65% for rounds before 22
  • 20% for rounds before 27
  • 5% for rounds 27+

Hardcore Mode

  • 100% for rounds before 15
  • 50% for rounds before 22
  • 20% for rounds before 27
  • 5% for rounds 27+

Bloon Beacon

  • 220% for rounds before 5
  • 200% for rounds before 7
  • 150% for rounds before 11
  • 60% for rounds before 13
  • 20% for rounds 13+
  • For the B.F.B. in BTD5 on round 60 you earn only $762.
  • For the M.O.A.B. in BTD5 on round 46 you earn $381, for the 9 M.O.A.B. in round 64 you earn 9 * $381 * 0.2 = $685 (truncated to the next integer).
  • For a difficulty 30 tile (first ZOMG), the cash penalties happen 2 rounds later than normal.
  • For a difficulty 55 tile, the cash penalties happen 2 rounds earlier than normal.
  • Another way is earning Bonus Money by winning rounds:
    • In BTD5 you get $99 plus the number of the round, e.g. 100 for round 1, 101 for round 2, and so on ...
    • You also earn double the in between round cash if you have Double Cash Mode.
  • The third way is by using Banana Farms, Sniper Monkeys with the Supply Drop upgrade, or using the Support Chinook Special Ability for the Heli Pilot. Supply Drop Snipers can be used in a strategy where you have 1-2 Temple of the Monkey Gods and 50-70 supply drop snipers. This is extremely expensive but will earn a lot per round in longer rounds. Bloon trap engineers is also a option in btd5d or btd5m. Wired funds COBRA monkey can be used in btdb.
  • Bloons that get popped by towers within the range of a Monkey Town give you 50% more cash than normal.
  • You can also earn twice the money if you use Double Cash.

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