Monkey Academy is an Upgrade Building in Bloons Monkey City . It is among the first buildings available for purchase to the player when they first build their city and is used to purchase upgrades for Dart Monkeys and Boomerang Monkeys. (Exclusive to Dart Monkeys in the Mobile version)

Monkey Academy 2nd Form

The Monkey Academy in its second form.


Dart MonkeyEdit

Path 1Edit

Upgrade Cost Time XP
Long Range Darts $200 5 minutes 25
Enhanced Eyesight $1000 (Requires Camo Countermeasure) 30 minutes 50
Spike-O-Pult $6000, BloonstoneIcon20 1 day 350
Juggernaut $10500, BloonstoneIcon50 6 hours 600

Path 2Edit

Upgrade Cost Time XP
Sharp Shots $240 10 minutes 25
Razor Sharp Shots $1200 1 hour 50
Triple Darts $4800, BloonstoneIcon20 1 day 300
Super Monkey Fan Club $32000, BloonstoneIcon50 12 hours 1000

Boomerang MonkeyEdit

Path 1Edit

Upgrade Cost Time XP
Multi-Target $300 10 minutes 30
Glaive Thrower $1800 1 hour 70
Glaive Riccochet $6000, BloonstoneIcon20 48 hours 400
Glaive Lord $18000, BloonstoneIcon50 48 hours 1000

Path 2Edit

Upgrade Cost Time XP
Sonic Boom $200 15 minutes 25
Red Hot 'Rangs $1200 1 hour 50
Bionic Boomer $7500, BloonstoneIcon20 48 hours 300
Turbo Charge $38000, BloonstoneIcon50 9 hours 800

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