Increases attack range of all towers within Monkey Village radius by 15%.
~ BMC description
For the tower in BTD3/BTD4, see Monkey Beacon (Tower).

Monkey Beacon Icon

Monkey Beacon (Upgrade) is the first upgrade of Path 1 for the Monkey Village in Bloons TD 5, Bloons TD 5 Deluxe, and Bloons TD 5 Mobile. It costs $425 on Easy, $500 on Medium, $540 on Hard and $600 on Impoppable. This upgrade allows the Monkey Village to increases the attack range of all towers by 15% within its radius.


  • In mobile versions of Bloons Tower Defense 5, when a Monkey Village is in the range of another Monkey Village with this upgrade, its range will increase, unlike in the other versions.
  • Due to a glitch, in Bloons Tower Defense 5 (this doesn't apply to its mobile counterpart) this upgrade will have no effect on the Ring of Fire.
  • A tiny error occurs in this upgrade's description; it doesn't have a period at the end unlike most descriptions, but in Bloons Monkey City it does.
  • This upgrades makes it easier to place your towers in the range of a monkey village since one can check to see if the tower have increased range or not before placing it.
  • In Bloons Monkey City Mobile, it can affect a Tower that can aim anywhere by increasing the radius. It must be an error or a bug, maybe.

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