Monkey Buccaneer is a powerful mid-level tower for a good price. However, they can only be placed on water.
~ Round 41 on Bloons Tower Defense 4
Monkey Buccaneers can only be placed in water. They shoot a single heavy dart. Upgrades include Grape Shot, Crow's Nest and Battleship.
~ Description upon unlocking in BTD4

The Monkey Buccaneer is a tower introduced in Bloons Tower Defense 4. It is an all-rounder tower with a decent rate of fire, firing 60 shots per minute for a good price ($510/$595/$650). Monkey Buccaneers are operated by a monkey. However, it can only be placed in water. Since some tracks do not have water, strategies involving Monkey Buccaneers will not succeed. Depending on the map, it may be able to solo several rounds with the Battleship upgrade. It also makes an appearance in Bloons TD 5, it can be placed in water as well as in the Portable Lake.

BTD4 UpgradesEdit

Grape ShotEdit

Grape Shot allows the Monkey Buccaneer to shoot sharpened grapes at bloons. Once upgraded to this, every time the Monkey Buccaneer shoots, it shoots 4 grapes along with the dart. At sometime though, on a BTD5 update, grape shot's price went up, due to its pierce becoming 2, instead of one. The complete list of updates and discussion can be found here

Flash Prices: $255/$300/$325

iOS Prices: $435/$500/$540

Crow's NestEdit

Crow's Nest allows the ship and any other towers within it's range to detect Camo Bloons.


Longer CannonsEdit

Longer Cannons increases the Monkey Buccaneer's range by a bit.



Battleship increases fire rate by 3x, destroying many more Bloons. Total domination.



Dreadnaught is a premium upgrade purchasable since BTD4; the Monkey Buccaneer shoots flaming cannonballs that pops frozen and Lead Bloons instead of darts. Apart from being able to pop bloons it normally cannot, it has no other change besides its appearance.

BTD4 Monkey Buccaneers

The Monkey Buccaneer and all of its upgrades (left to right), excluding the Dreadnaught, in BTD4

Bloons TD 5Edit

Monkey Buccaneer 2

Please note that, while there are two separate paths, the player chooses a path when the third upgrade in a path is purchased. After you have bought the third upgrade in a path, you may only buy the first two upgrades in the other path.


Path 1

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable

Faster Shooting

Shoots faster. This allows the Monkey Buccaneer to shoot a bit faster.

$340 $400 $430 $480

Longer Cannons

Much longer range. Gives the Monkey Buccaneer a bigger range.

$155 $180 $195 $215
*if you pass this upgrade you will be locked for the 3rd and 4th upgrades on the other path


Attacks super duper fast! Increases the Monkey Buccaneer's fire rate to about 3x the speed of the original ship.

$1870 $2200 $2375 $2640

Aircraft Carrier

Rapidly launches Monkey Ace pilots that strafe the area with darts. Launches three miniature Monkey Ace pilots at a time that shoot darts out in eight directions, as well as two stream of darts in front of the ace.

$12750 $15000 $16200 $18000
Total Sell Amount $12448

($12960 with path 2 upgrades)


($15244 with path 2 upgrades)


($16460 with path 2 upgrades)

$17572 ($18292 with path 2 upgrades)
Total Cost $15540

($16175 with path 2 upgrades)


($19030 with path 2 upgrades)


($20550 with path 2 upgrades)


($22835 with path 2 pgrades)


Path 1 upgrades

Path 2

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable

Grape Shot

Sprays out a blast of 4 sharp grapes for additional poppage. (Shoots 4 sharp grapes along with a dart.)

$425 $500 $540 $600

Crow's Nest

Allows the buccaneer to detect and target Camo bloons. Does not grant detection to other towers. (Lets the Monkey Buccaneer detect and target Camo Bloons.)

$210 $250 $270 $300
*if you pass this upgrade you will be locked for the 3rd and 4th upgrades on the other path

Cannon Ship

Adds a powerful, independently firing cannon to the buccaneer. (The cannon fires at the same speed as a M.O.A.B. Mauler, and has about the same power.)

$1020 $1200 $1295 $1440

Monkey Pirates

MOAB Takedown Ability: Grabs hold of the nearest M.O.A.B. Class Bloon and destroys it, ZOMG Bloons are immune to this. Allows the Monkey Buccaneer to hook on to the highest ranked bloon in play except Z.O.M.G.s, and destroy them. If only Z.O.M.G.s exist, the sound effect will play but the hook will not appear. (This ability takes 55 seconds to recharge) If only Bloons exist, the hook will grab the strongest bloon.

$3825 $4500 $4860 $5400
Total Sell Amount $4744

($5140 with path 1 upgrades)


($6044 with path 1 upgrades)


($6524 with path 1 upgrades)

$6696 ($7252 with path 1 upgrades)
Total Cost $5905

($6400 with path 1 upgrades)


($7530 with path 1 upgrades)


($8130 with path 1 upgrades)


($9035 with path 1 upgrades)


Path 2 upgrades

Differences between BTD5 Flash and BTD5 MobileEdit

Nerf Bombs fired from the Cannon Ship have smaller explosions.

Nerf Base cost is more expensive ($500 → $525).

Nerf Aircraft Carrier is weaker (particularly against Regrows).

Buff MOAB Takedown Ability (Monkey Pirates Ability) takes less time to take down a bloon (4.0s → 0.5s), and still continues its normal shooting during the ability.

Buff Cannon Ship bombs can be duplicated if the Buccaneer is under the influence of Monkey Fort.

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)Edit

The Monkey Buccaneer is a fairly balanced tower, though at times it has been given a reasonable number of buffs. Some popular loadouts include Buccaneer Farm Apprentice (arguably the most popular loadout out of the ones listed, especially on maps like Swan Lake and Hydro Dam), Buccaneer Farm Boomerang, Buccaneer Farm Mortar, Buccaneer Farm Bomb and Buccaneer Apprentice Boomerang.


Buff Aircraft Carrier price decreased ($15000 → $9000).


Buff Tower price decreased ($525 → $450).

Buff Destroyer price decreased ($2200 → $1500).


Nerf Grape Shot price increased ($500 → $550).

Buff Aircraft Carrier price decreased ($9000 → $7000).

Nerf Cannon Ship bombs no longer duplicate when the Monkey Buccaneer is under the influence of Monkey Fort.

Bloons Tower Defense 6Edit

In Bloons TD 6, The Monkey Buccaneer is capable of firing from both sides of the tower, provided there are bloons in range.


  • In Bloons Monkey City, the Monkey Buccaneer is one of only three towers (as well as the Sniper Monkey, and Mortar Tower) not to be specifically restricted on any type of tile, even though it cannot be placed on the majority of them due to no water. When replaying Caves Terrain, the Mortar Monkey is also restricted (Flash only).
  • Aircraft Carrier interacts strangely with speed buffs. BOTH launch speed AND Monkey Ace shoot speed increase when buffed: you get 4 times the darts under CTA, and 11.9 times the darts when simultaneously under CTA, 2/X village and Overclock.
  • This is one of the few towers that has a different image for each individual upgrade in BTD4.
  • In Bloons TD 5 Mobile, its unupgraded and first path 1 upgrade official artwork depicts it being strict and serious.
  • It only uses one set of cannons at a time, although it has two sets.
  • The Destroyer shoots grapes every 6 shots.
    • An Aircraft carrier still shoots grapes to bloons everywhere on the screen.
  • Path 1 depicts the Buccaneer being more civilized by being a navy admiral ship, while Path 2 depicts it being barbaric by being a pirate ship.
  • The Destroyer can be viewed as a cheaper version of the Epic Range Super Monkey, albeit shooting slightly slower with higher pierce and camo detection (when upgraded to 3/2).
  • This tower has more range than an unupgraded Super Monkey.
  • Strangely, Monkey Aces with Sharper Darts have darts with more pierce than those from the Buccaneer's even though they are smaller.
  • Aircraft Carrier's Monkey Aces shoot 2 streams of darts so one dart can pierce through 5 bloons, meaning it can pop 10 Bloons every time.
  • Because cells are largely composed of water, Buccaneers can be placed on the cells on the DNA Test track.
  • Some of the Monkey Buccaneer's Pictures are smaller than the original picture of the ship with no upgrades.
  • In the original artwork, the monkey is bailing out the buccaneer.
  • In Bloons Tower Defense 5, when placing the Monkey Buccaneer, the ship is not shown to have cannons.
  • This is one of two towers that can be only be placed on water. The other is the Monkey Sub.
    • This is also one of two towers whose Tier 4 upgrade uses another tower. The other being the Dart Monkey.
  • The Cannon Ship has exactly 15% more range than the Destroyer ship.
  • In Bloons Monkey City, the MOAB Takedown Ability will not give any cash for any bloons destroyed.
  • In BTD5, if the MOAB Takedown ability is used and the MOAB or BFB is already partially destroyed and you can see a few rips and/or cracks on it, when it is being pulled to the Buccaneer, the rips and cracks will seem to disappear.
  • On Park Path, it's possible for a red bloon to outrun a 2/3 Monkey Buccaneer.

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