Monkey farmer pro ios

Monkey farmer pro in the iOS version.

Monkey Farmer Pro Description

Description after unlocking Monkey Farmer Pro.

The Monkey Farmer Pro is the Pro Version of
Monkey Farmer Pro

Monkey Farmer Pro surrounded by banana peels

the Monkey Farmer. To unlock it you must place Monkey farmer 50 times, and it will cost a total of Monkey Dollar2000. After collecting bananas the Monkey Farmer Pro will throw the banana peels on the track. This will make the bloons slip and make them return to the beginning of the track similarly to the Monkey Apprentice's Summon Whirlwind ability and the Ninja Monkey's Distraction. The banana peels disappear after a short time if no bloons run over them.


  • The gun seems to resemble a miniature version of The Big One upgrade from the Mortar Tower without the radioactive symbol.
  • The banana peels can't slip up Camo Bloons even when under the influence of a Radar Scanner or a Meerkat Spy.
  • In Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile, it is seemingly effective at Regen Farming.
    • This is ironic, seeing as this is not the way the Monkey Farmer Pro was meant to farm.
  • It is the only "attacking" tower with limited ammunition, as a freshly placed Monkey Farmer Pro with no collected bananas will fire nothing but harmless air. Collecting bananas will provide the Agent with ammo.
    • There is also no visible indicator to how much ammo it has.

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