• One of the tips given in Bloons Tower Defense 4 is to set Monkey Glue on intersections that split the track.
  • If no Glue Gunners are present, you can use Monkey Glue to buy more time.
  • In later rounds, Glue Splatter is much more helpful than Monkey Glue.
  • Monkey Glue is best used for the early rounds, where they aren't too many bloons.
  • In Bloons Tower Defense 3, the Monkey Glue does slow down MOAB class bloons, and does strangely damage them.
  • Using Monkey Glue is a bad strategy if Corrosive Glue/Glue Splatter Towers are around. This is because the corrosive glue won't be stacked on top of the normal Monkey Glue.
  • If there are a few bloons that need to be slowed down, this is cheaper than buying a Glue Gunner.

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