For the currency, see Monkey Money.
Monkey Money is an item in the Premium Upgrades store in BTD5.


They appear to be a pack of dollars grouped in a rubber band.


They are used to buy Premium Upgrades.



The player can buy Monkey Dollar200 for CoinsIcon10. This has no bonus, meaning players won't get extra money for buying it.


Premium UpgradesEdit

Premium Upgrade Cost
Double Cash Monkey Dollar500
Double Ranga Monkey Dollar200
Dreadnaught Monkey Dollar100
Splodey Darts Monkey Dollar250
Bigger Beacons Monkey Dollar300
Monkey Tycoon Monkey Dollar180
Healthy Bananas Monkey Dollar200
Big Bloon Sabotage Monkey Dollar360
Hotter Cooldown Monkey Dollar240
Tiny Tornadoes Monkey Dollar100
Grilled Pineapples Monkey Dollar100
Tack Awesomizer Monkey Dollar250

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