Water based tower that shoots homing darts. Can upgrade to shoot at Bloons in the radius of any other tower. Can also upgrade to submerge and become a support tower.
~ Official Description
Monkey Subs must be placed on water but once in place they shoot homing darts. Can be upgraded to shoot at Bloons in the radius of any other Monkey and can be set to submerge and become a support unit.
~ BMC Description
Get to your battle stations, the Monkey Sub is in Bloons TD 5! The Monkey Sub has surfaced! With its array of powerful weaponry, support capabilities and functional upgrades the Sub is ready to join your Monkeys in the fight against the Bloons. Deploy the sub in the nearest bit of water and see how far you get!
~ July 23rd, 2015 "Monkey Sub is here!" description

Monkey Sub is a tower from Bloons TD 5 Mobile that was introduced on Friday, November 22, 2013 in the 2.3 Christmas update and on Bloons TD Battles on Friday, May 16th in the 1.8 update. It is unlocked from the Christmas gift (Popping 250,000 Bloons), along with 2 maps. This tower is a good starting tower on water maps since it's powerful and it is also cheap.

On Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015, The Monkey Sub has been released on the Flash version of Bloons TD 5 with a new appearance and different artwork.

0-0 Monkey Sub HD Flash


Path 1Edit

Upgrade Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Picture

Barbed Darts
Darts pop up to 3 bloons each.

$255 $300 $325 $360

Advanced Intel
Allows long range targeting of bloons that are in the radius of your other towers and receives camo detection in the radius of any tower with camo detection.

e.g: Ninja Monkey is on screen, Sub gains camo detection on bloons within the Ninja's sight radius.

$425 $500 $540 $600

Submerge and Support
Activate submerge using target option to permanently reveal camo bloons in its radius.

$425 $500 $540 $600

Bloontonium Reactor
Activate submerge using target option to detect camo, pop bloons, and reduce water tower cooldowns 15% (doesn't stack).

$2125 $2500 $2700 $3000
Total Sell Amount $2824 $3320 $3588 $3984 ($5136 with path 2 upgrades)
Total Cost $3530 $3800 $4485 $4980 ($6420 with path 2 upgrades)

Path 2Edit

Upgrade Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Picture

Twin Guns
Twin guns double attack speed.

$380 $450 $485 $540

Airburst Darts
Airburst Darts split into 3 on impact for massively increased popping power.

$635 $750 $810 $900

Ballistic Missile
Ballistic Missile seeks its target over any distance and does extra damage to Ceramic and MOAB class bloons

$1275 $1500 $1620 $1800

First Strike Capability
Ability: a devastating missile strike on the largest bloon on screen. Destroys up to a ZOMG bloon in one go, or many lesser bloons.

$17000 $20000 $21600 $24000
Total Sell Amount $15670 $18440 $19916 $22128 ($22896 with path 1 upgrades)
Total Cost $19600 $23050 $24895 $27660 ($28620 with path 1 upgrades)

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)Edit

With exception of the popular Airburst Darts upgrade, the Monkey Sub is fairly balanced. The 0/2 Airburst Darts Sub is still a pretty popular starting tower for those with Monkey Sub and water-dominant tracks, especially on Water Hazard, even when nerfed to a higher price.

August 18, 2014 (Need what update version this was).

Nerf Airburst Darts price increased ($750 → $800).


Nerf Airburst Darts price increased ($800 → $1000).

Nerf Overall fire rate decreased (0.76 shots per second → 0.63).


Nerf Bloontonium Reactor price increased ($2500 → $2800).


Buff Bloontonium Reactor now automatically switches the tower into submerged mode upon purchase.

Tower XPEdit

Level Upgrade at next level Total XP XP to next level
1 Barbed Darts 0 450
2 Twin Darts 450 1,050
3 Advanced Intel 1,500 2,500
4 Airburst Darts 4,000 1,000
5 Submerge and Support 5,000 3,000
6 Ballistic Missile 8,000 17,000
7 Bloontonium Reactor 25,000 35,000
8 First Strike Capability 60,000 60,000



  • First Strike Capability is the first and currently only ability to be able to pop a whole ZOMG in one shot.
  • The submerged Bloontonium Reactor can work similarly to Ring of Fire.
  • If a bloon is poppable by another tower, it can be popped by the Sub, with the upgrade Advanced Intel. This means that, like the Spike Factory and Ninja Monkey, it can pop Camo Bloons without either having an innate ability, by being in the range of a 0,2 or higher Monkey Village, or having an upgrade that says so.
    • Also, since the Monkey Village has a range of effect, the Sub is able to target bloons within that building's range as well.
    • A glitch can appear in BTD5 Mobile where a sub with 2/x on strong will attack Ceramic Bloons over MOAB-class bloons if the MOABs are only in a Glue Gunner's range, if also set to strong. The subs though, can attack the MOABs if no lower bloon rank exists with the glue gunner's range.
  • It does not do significant damage to high numbers of MOAB class bloons without the help of First Strike Capability.
  • This is one of three towers where Camo Bloon detection for the tower itself is a third tier upgrade. The others being the Mortar Tower and the Monkey Engineer.
  • This is the second tower that can be placed in water, the first one being the Monkey Buccaneer.
  • Interestingly enough, the Advanced Intel upgrade works on Heli-Pilots, meaning that a Monkey Sub can shoot anywhere with Advanced Intel if the Heli Pilot is in Pursuit mode.
  • A bunch of 2/3 Monkey Subs can withstand many ceramics.
  • An 1/1 or 2/2 Monkey Sub has an appearance that combined 1/0 and 0/1 or 2/0 and 0/2 together.
  • A Monkey Sub with an Advanced Intel upgrade works well with a Village with Bigger Beacons as the range of the sub will be as well the range of the village.
  • In BMC Mobile, there is a special mission where the player receives four 1/1 Subs and a 2/4 Sub, which is endangered but can be used in gameplay by repairing it for $8000
    • However, the mission is impossible without the Endangered Sub repaired in time, since a ZOMG will appear on Round 15 along with other MOABs. If repaired in time, the player must use the ability at the very start of the round, because the ZOMG will appear first. If not activated at the right time, the missile will fly all over the screen and will cause the player to lose the mission.
  • There is a striking resemblance of the captain of the sub looking like the commander of the Warhammer 40,000 tank, once one upgrades to Barbed Darts, it looks like the captain wants to get close, so they can hit them with their dart.
  • Monkey Sub can hit bloons within the range of a Monkey Farmer, despite the farmer having no popping power.
  • In BTD5 flash, a glitch with the Bloontonium Reactor is possible: if a Monkey sub is upgraded to Bloontonium Reactor while in the radius of another water-based tower, the newly upgraded sub may remain at a 3/x tower rather than a 4/x tower, but the money will still be lost, and upgrading it now becomes impossible.
  • On the Flash version, the monkey sub tier 4 upgrades are unlocked at Rank 19 while the tower unlocks at Rank 20. Probably not intended.
  • If under the influence of a x/2 or a x/3 Monkey Village, the Ballistic Missiles do not affect Camo Bloons except if they are in the range of a tower. This glitch is also occured in BTD5 flash.
  • No specialty buildings in BTD5 mobile have a negative effect in this tower.
  • A 2/x Monkey sub with a 1/2 Sniper Monkey can be useful in the early rounds but be careful as bloons may leak if you leave the path 2 unupgraded.
  • When the tower was added in BTD5 Mobile, the player needed to pop 2 million bloons to unlock the tower and the tracks. This was later changed to 250,000.

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