Monkey Teams is an event in Bloons Monkey City. In Monkey Teams events, using certain towers will earn the player Bloonstones. If the challenge is completed with all the available towers, the player will receive BloonstoneIcon2 (BloonstoneIcon5 in Hardcore Mode), BloonstoneIcon8 (BloonstoneIcon16 on Hardcore Mode) or BloonstoneIcon10 (BloonstoneIcon20 on Hardcore Mode), depending on City Level. However, if the challenge is completed without using all the available towers, the player will receive BloonstoneIcon1 (BloonstoneIcon2 on Hardcore Mode) or BloonstoneIcon5 (BloonstoneIcon10 on Hardcore Mode), depending on City Level. Some Monkey Teams will reward you with a single Monkey Knowledge Pack, or a Boss Ability such as a Boss Chill or Boss Blast.

Monkey Villages and Banana Farms are the only towers allowed in every Monkey Teams. Road Spikes and Exploding Pineapples are also allowed every time.



  • It is possible to earn at least BloonstoneIcon18 by using Monkey Teams plus Hardcore Mode combined.
  • There is a glitch where even if you used all eligible towers the player would not be given the reward. This can be fixed by reloading the game every time new events come out.
  • Sometimes Monkey Teams rewards Boss Chills or other rewards of similar value (such as HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal1).
  • Monkey Teams is not earned through playing Replay Tracks.
  • Since an update in Bloons Monkey City Mobile, monkeys that are allowed in Monkey Teams has a Monkey Team Symbol at the top right of it.
    • Monkey Boosts does not have this symbol but still allowed.

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