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Monkeys vs. Bloons
Monkeys Vs Bloons
A view of the track.
Debut Bloons TD 4 iOS
Appearances Bloons TD 4 iOS
Bloons TD 4 HD
Difficulty Extreme
Terrain Backyard
Entrances 6
Exits 4
Water? Yes (in the form of a pool)
Reference Plants vs. Zombies, Pool Level
Monkeys vs. Bloons is a map for Bloons TD 4 for the iPhone and iPod. It is extremely hard, probably the hardest, because it has 6 short entrances and 4 exits. Bloons enter from the right and exit at the left.



  • Monkey vs. Bloons is a reference to the Pool Level in Plants vs. Zombies as well as having the name inspired by Plants vs. Zombies (plants referring to monkeys and zombies referring to bloons).
  • This track is arguably the hardest in the Bloons TD series due to its excessive number of short tracks, with other possible candidates being Triangle of InsanityDown the Drain and Bloontonium Lab.
  • This track, along with Railway Track and Bloonraker, is the only track that has more than four entrances and/or exits.
  • The banana stand on the left side probably stands for the house in Plants vs. Zombies.

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