Monkeys vs. Bloons

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Monkeys vs. Bloons
Monkeys Vs Bloons
A view of the track.
Debut Bloons TD 4 iOS
Appearances Bloons TD 4 iOS
Bloons TD 4 HD
Difficulty Extreme
Terrain Backyard
Entrances 6
Exits 4
Water? Yes (in the form of a pool)

Monkeys vs. Bloons is a map for Bloons TD 4 for the iPhone and iPod. It is extremely hard, probably the hardest, because it has 6 short entrances and 4 exits. Bloons enter from the right and exit at the left.



  • Monkey vs. Bloons is a reference to the Pool Level in Plants vs. Zombies as well as having the name inspired by Plants vs. Zombies (plants referring to monkeys and zombies referring to bloons).
  • This track is arguably the hardest in the Bloons TD series due to its excessive number of short tracks, with other possible candidates being Triangle of Insanity and Bloontonium Lab.
  • This track, along with Railway Track and Bloonraker, is the only track that has more than four entrances and/or exits.
  • The banana stand on the left side probably stands for the house in Plants vs. Zombies.

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