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Monkeys vs. Bloons

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Monkeys vs. Bloons
Monkeys Vs Bloons
A view of the track.
Debut Bloons TD 4 iOS
Appearances Bloons TD 4 iOS
Bloons TD 4 HD
Difficulty Extreme
Terrain Backyard
Entrances 6
Exits 4
Water? Yes (in the form of a pool)
Reference Plants vs. Zombies, Pool Level
Monkeys vs. Bloons is a map for Bloons TD 4 for the iPhone and iPod. It is extremely hard, probably the hardest, because it has 6 short entrances and 4 exits. Bloons enter from the right and exit at the left.


  • The player should spend all of their Money on Dart Monkeys and Boomerang Throwers, until some Sun Gods are affordable. Make sure that you have Splodey Darts in order to do this; otherwise you would have low lead popping power.


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