Grows 6 bananas each round instead of 4.
~ Official Description
More Bananas

More Bananas

More bananas btd5-0



$255 (Easy), $300 (Medium), $325 (Hard), $360 (Impoppable)

Cost with all previous upgrades

$1105 (Easy), $1300 (Medium), $1405 (Hard), $1560 (Impoppable)


Increases income from 80 to 120.


More Bananas is the first upgrade for the Banana Farm. It increases the number of bananas given from 4 to 6 (or in the case of BTD4, the money given from 80 to 120). In the mobile versions, the number of bananas is decreased to 3, but provides double the cash.


Bloons TD 4Edit

The hut now has three banana trees beside it rather than one.

Bloons TD 5Edit

The banana tree increases in size.

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)Edit

Nerf More Bananas price increased ($300 → $350).

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