Not to be confused with Triple Darts from BTD5.

Multi Shot BTD3 Button

The upgrade button in BTD3.

Multi Shot allows the Spike-o-pult to shoot 3 spiked balls at once. This upgrade is only in Bloons TD 3 and in Bloons TD 4. This upgrade is not in Bloons Tower Defense 5 as it is replaced by Juggernaut. It is the last upgrade for the Dart Monkey in Bloons TD 4.


The Triple Shot upgrade

Triple Shot

The Dart Monkey's last upgrade, Triple Shot.

Triple Shot was originally called Multi Shot in Bloons TD 3, but was changed to Triple Shot in BTD4. After upgrading the Dart Monkey to the Spike-o-Pult, Triple Shot is the only upgrade for the Spike-O-Pult in Bloons TD 4. In Bloons TD 3, the Spike-o-Pult upgrades were range upgrades and a speed upgrade, including Triple Shot. When upgraded to Triple Shot, the monkey makes some final tweaks and leaves. With this upgrade, Spike-o-Pults throw 3 balls at bloons at once; very deadly if purchased on earlier Rounds. it is not a good idea to rely on these too much in later Rounds as they will pop very minimal bloons due to the fact that most of them will either be Ceramic Bloons, BFBs, or MOABs.


BTD3 Cost: $490/$585/$620
BTD4 Cost: $850/$1000/$1080


  • In Bloons TD 3, the Spike-o-Pult had an upgrade called Juggernaut that increased the projectile size by almost 3x regular size, which also made the balls much deadlier, and they could roll much further. However, in Bloons TD 5, the upgrade Juggernaut changed the small spiked ball into a giant ball, larger than the monkey.
  • It begins as a Dart Monkey, but when it gets to Triple Shot, the monkey disappears. The monkey also disappears from the tower after the Triple Shot upgrade in Bloons TD 3 although, it can still attack, making it self-automated like the Bomb Tower and it can attack without a monkey controlling it.