NAPSFRILLS is an acronym standing for No Agents, Premiums, Specialties, Farming, Road Items, Lives Lost, and Selling. NAPSFRILLS strategies do not affect gameplay whatsoever, but many consider it an achievement to manage NAPSFRILLS, particularly on Hard mode and/or on a difficult Daily Challenge. Furthermore, following these restrictions when making a guide may make the guide easier to follow by removing paid content, minimising microing, and maximising room for error.

Every Bloons Tower Defense 5 track except Tar Pits, Down The Drain and Bloontonium Lab can be completed NAPSFRILLS on Hard, on the Flash version. On the mobile and deluxe version, Bloontonium Lab NAPSFRILLS can also be done. On Mobile and Steam, most Expert maps can also be completed in this manner on Impoppable.

Some players think the I stands for Injections, but others consider injections to be premiums and thus covered under the P.


Other variants do exist, the most popular ones being NAPS and NLL. Sometimes, when certain elements are used, the corresponding letters are dropped. When lives are lost, NAPSFRIS is commonly used. If a farm or any other form of cash generation is used, the player may say NAPSRILLS.

Occasionally, instead of dropping the letters, the used elements are covered by astericks. NAPS***LL* means the player has used Road Items, was farming and selling.

There are many variants to NAPSFRILLS including:

  • NAPSDRILLSFAST - No Agents, Premiums, Specialties, Dartling guns, Road Items, Lives Lost, Selling, Farming, Abilities, Saving, or Targetting
  • NAPFRILLS - No Agents, Premiums, Farming, Road Items, Lives Lost or Selling
  • NAPRILLS - No Agents, Premiums, Road Items, Lives Lost or Selling
  • NAPS - No Agents, Premiums, or Specialties
  • NAP - No Agents or Premiums
  • NLL - No Lives Lost
  • NAPS NLL - No Agents, Premiums, Specialties, or Lives Lost
  • NLLS - No Lives Lost or Selling