Darts seek out and pop bloons intelligently.
~ Description from Bloons TD 5

Neva-Miss Targeting is the third upgrade on Path 1 for the Monkey Ace in Bloons Tower Defense 5. It costs $1870 on Easy, $2200 on Medium, $2380 on Hard, and $2640 on Impoppable. This upgrade allows the darts of the Monkey Ace to home in on bloons.


  • If a Monkey Ace with Neva-Miss Targeting tries to attack a crowd of Camo Bloons without the Spy Plane upgrade, the darts will keep following them and eventually disappear.
  • Occasionally, darts will keep circling around Bloons and miss them.
  • Not all the darts will home in on bloons unless there are bloons on that side of the Monkey Ace.
    • All darts will home on bloons in Bloons TD 5 Mobile and Steam. But as soon as the Monkey Ace shoots another volley of darts, the darts that are already on-screen will disappear.


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