Overclock is the fourth and final upgrade for the Monkey Engineer on the second path. It gives the Monkey Engineer a Special Ability that, once used, turns the cursor into a flaming wrench. Once a tower is clicked with this wrench, it enhances the tower's attack speed by 50%, as well as giving a range boost. This effect lasts for 60 seconds, but as the ability takes 60 seconds to recharge, the ability can be used again immediately. If used on a Monkey Village the towers in its range will also be overclocked, but only for a few seconds. Using Overclock on a Banana Farm forces all the bananas out instantly.

Bloons TD Battles Mobile HistoryEdit


Buff Overclock cost decreased ($13500 → $11000).


Buff Overclock cost decreased ($11000 → $7500).


Nerf Overclock ability cooldown timer now starts upon tower selection, rather than as soon as the screen opens.


  • On the Floating Islands track and the Banana Factory track, if you use Overclock on a tower, and the island that the tower is moved to another place, the blue aura won't move with the tower.
  • On Bloons TD 5 Mobile, If a Monkey Engineer is 0/4, then turns on the sentry gun ability, the Engineer will resemble a 0/0 Monkey Engineer. (This is fixed when Fast Sentry is upgraded)


Legendary Monkey Engineer

Legendary Monkey Engineer Card with Overclock icon

  • There is an error on the official artwork on the Mobile version; its right hand is brown.
  • The Overclock Ability takes about 60 seconds to recharge, the same amount of time that the ability lasts for so you can constantly give towers boosts, especially if Hotter Cooldown and High Energy Beacon are both used.
  • It stacks with Monkey Village's M.I.B Call to Arms Ability and with a Boomerang Thrower's Turbo Charge Ability activated.
  • If the Boomerang Thrower's Turbo Charge Ability, The Overclock Ability and M.I.B Call to Arms are all used at once, it will look like there is a continuous line of Boomerangs/Glaives.
  • Overclock can't stack, as seen by multiple tests from different computers.
    • It could originally stack in the now discontinued BTD5 Deluxe up to 3 times.
  • A similar ability called the Tower Boost is available on Bloons TD Battles Mobile, and on Bloons Monkey City as of an update on 2 February 2014, but it applies to all towers instead of a single tower.
  • The energy pulses are green in mobile versions.
  • If you use Overclock and M.I.B Call to Arms on one Temple of the Monkey God, the temple will shoot a massive solid beam of sun rays.
  • Currently, it is not known what effect Overclock does to Monkey Banks and Banana Investment Advisories. It can be guessed that it forces the Monkey Banks and Banana Investment Advisories to their maxes, but this has not yet been proven.

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