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Pac-Man Bloon
Bloons Pac-Man Bloon
A Pac-Man Bloon in Bloons
Pacman sound
Debut Bloons
Appearance(s) BloonsMore BloonsEven More BloonsBloons InsanityBloons Player Pack 1Bloons Player Pack 2Bloons Player Pack 3Bloons Player Pack 4Bloons Player Pack 5

A Pac-Man Bloon is dark green Bloon with Pac-Man on it. It spawns out Pac-Man. You can control his movement using the arrow keys. Pac-Man will pop even frozen Bloons. You can use it as long as the Pac-Man intro theme is playing. This Bloon was removed in Bloons 2 and the mobile version of Bloons because of copyright reasons.


  • In More Bloons, it made only 2 appearances - level 22 and level 38.
  • In Even More Bloons and its sequels, the Pac-Man Bloon and Pac-Man are darker.
  • Pac-Man is the name of a video arcade game and the main character of the same name owned by Namco.
  • In Bloonsworld, the theme only plays on the test section.

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