Bloons Pop 3 - Popcon Bloon popped

The popcorn exploding out from a popped Popcorn Bloon.

The Popcorn Bloon (mostly called Hotcorn Bloon) is a bloon only appearing in Bloons Pop 3. It is a bloon with a red hotcorn symbol. It does nothing except for the fact that when the player pops it, it sends out harmless pieces of popcorn, but the player gets more points, which are used to buy hints for 200 points each. The number of points gave out is shown when the bloon is popped.


  • Hotcorn is another Ninja Kiwi game of which this bloon is based upon, and bears the same popcorn sprite.
  • The popcorn doesn't affect surrounding bloons, unlike the tack bloon.
  • When edited correctly, one can see an obscured generic text in the popcorn box that says "Pop corn".

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