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For Premium Upgrades in BTD5, see Premium Upgrades (BTD5).
Premium Upgrades

Premium Upgrades

are only available in Bloons Tower Defense 4 and Bloons TD 4 Expansion. They are available for purchase with NK Coins through a tab at the top of the screen when you click "New Game" at the Main Menu.

Here is a list of all the Premium Upgrades and their cost:

BTD4 iOS Premiums

BTD4 iOS Premiums



  • Some upgrade names as displayed in the "Premium Upgrades" tab are different than what they are called when they are clicked on. Here are the differences:
    • Exploding Darts is Explosive Darts when clicked.
    • Double Cash is Double Cash from Pops when clicked.
    • Buy Rank 32 is Top Rank Unlocks when clicked.
    • Buy Everything is All Premium Upgrades when clicked.
  • "Buy Rank 31/32" doesn't unlock the Laser Cannon because it changes your rank to 31/32, not 33
  • On your NinjaKiwi account, "Buy Rank 31/32" changes to "Buy Rank 34", which helps you unlock all the upgrades and modes.
  • Premium Upgrades used to be purchasable through MochiCoins, but have been replaced by NK Coins.

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