Earning a Bronze Prestige Medal

Prestige is the net gain of Medallions, featured in Bloons TD Battles Mobile and Bloons TD Battles Steam. Getting enough Prestige will earn any type of badge that can be earned in the Prestige leaderboards.


Win medallions to climb the Prestige Leaderboards and earn exclusive badges. Losing medallions will lower your score so watch out! You need a positive score to place on the leaderboards.
~ Prestige Leaderboard description

Gaining medallions earns Prestige score, while losing medallions lowers score. To earn any Prestige medal, the player must have greater than 0 Prestige Score and reach 25,000th in the leaderboard or better in the Prestige leaderboards. The Prestige leaderboard lasts for a total of 14 days.

Different medals may be earned depending on how much Prestige Score one has.

Prestige Medals Place range
Black Diamond 1st
Red Diamond 2nd
Diamond 3rd
Gold Black Diamond 4th to 10th
Gold Red Diamond 11st to 25th
Gold Diamond 26th to 100th
Gold 101st to 1,000th
Gold & Silver 1,001st to 2,500th
Silver 2,501st to 5,000th
Silver & Bronze 5,001st to 10,000th
Bronze 10,001st to 25,000th