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These slick prehistoric predators orbit their nest and pop any regular bloons they hit, but they can only pop so many before a new one has to hatch.
~ Bloons TD 5 Mobile description
Radadactyl (2)
The Radadactyl
Cost Monkey Dollar100
Pro Radadactyl Pro

Radadactyl is a Special Agent exclusive to Bloons TD 5 Mobile. It costs Monkey Dollar100 to purchase and attacks by swooping around a nest, popping any bloons that it passes over. Every round an egg hatches and one Radadactyl comes out until all 5 eggs have hatched. It cannot pop Lead or Camo Bloons.

The Radadactyl Pro, "Radderdactyls", have bigger wings; they can blow back bloons with each flap and can pop far more regular bloons before going back to their nest.



  • The Radadactyl is named after the pterodactyls, a genus of relatively small pterosaurs that lived in the Late Jurassic period. The rada- part of the name is possibly derived from the word "rad", meaning "impressive".
  • This is one of the towers that does not show pop count despite being an offensive tower.
  • This tower can be immensely helpful on the three times around track.

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