Range is the dark circle around the Dart Monkey.

Range is a game mechanic in the BTD series. It is the limit of where a tower can detect bloons to attack. It is signified by a dark circle around towers. Contrary to popular belief, the range is not the limit of where it can attack but the area where it can detect bloons to attack.

Certain towers and upgrades have infinite range like Sniper Monkeys, Mortar Towers, Aircraft Carriers and Dartling Guns. For these towers their circle is for the purpose of the area the tower itself roughly covers. For the Banana Farm however, the range is how far it will deploy bananas.

A very important tip is to make the dark circle touch the track's path. If this wasn't made, the tower won't be able to attack Bloons. The exceptions are towers with infinite range. For these towers, you will not have to worry about them not attacking Bloons, so feel free to place them where ever you like.



Attacking out of range