For the Mortar Tower upgrade, see Rapid Reload. For the Dartling Gun upgrade, see Powerful Darts.

Rapid Fire is an upgrade for the Monkey Ace in BTD4 and BTD5. It allows the Monkey Ace to shoot approximately twice as fast. The Monkey Ace also drops Pineapples a lot faster with this upgrade. In BTD4, its first appearance, it is the third upgrade. In BTD5, it is the first upgrade for the first path.

Costs (BTD4)Edit


Rapid Fire in Bloons TD 4 iOS

Costs (BTD5)Edit


  • The Ace plane is an P-38 Lighting when upgraded to this, which was a plane used in World War II.
  • Rapid Fire also increases the rate in which it drops Pineapples, despite the fact that it only says that darts are shot faster.
  • This was the 3rd upgrade in BTD4, and it was the first in BTD5.

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