Red hot boomerangs can melt through lead bloons
~ Description
Red Hot 'Rangs

Red Hot 'Rangs is an upgrade to the Boomerang Thrower that made its debut in Bloons TD 3, but it went under a different name, Thermite. This upgrade was removed in Bloons TD 4, but reintroduced in Bloons TD 5. It changes the boomerang's colour to red and allows the boomerangs that the Boomerang Thrower throws to pop Lead Bloons.




  • In BTD5, when you have the Glaive Thrower upgrade before you buy this, and then buy the Red Hot 'Rangs upgrade, it will show the Red Hot 'Rangs artwork over the Glaive Thrower artwork instead. This is now patched.
  • A normal Glaive has a sort of brown color. With Red Hot Rangs, it becomes red.
  • The artwork in Bloons Monkey City of this upgrade shows an unupgraded Boomerang Thrower holding a red hot boomerang (as well as appearing angry), unlike Bloons TD 5, which shows the correct costume.
  • The two BMC and BTD5 artworks in Red Hot 'Rangs are more different than some other artworks. The BMC monkey appears angry, but in contrast, the monkey in BTD5 is not appearing angry and the anger is similar to the Monkey Engineer's Sprockets upgrade.
  • In some versions, the artwork will lack the red mark on the Boomerang Thrower's costume.