This page contains strategies and tips for defeating Regrowth Bloons.


210577bloons's strategyEdit

1. Place an Arctic Wind (3/x Ice Tower) in a bend near the exit.

2. Have it covered with a Monkey Intelligence Bureau (x/3 Village). Upgrade to Jungle Drums (2/x) to prevent accidental leakage.

3. Watch your Ice Tower pwn all non-MOAB-Class bloons that come nearby it, including camo and regen. This combination is very deadly and can kill infinite regen ceramics.

RainbowDash1224's StrategyEdit

1. Get 2 2/1 submarine asap

2. Get a few 1/1 Ninja Monkeys

3. Get some buccaneers 1/2

4. So, if someone tries to regrow rainbow rush you, you can defend

Qwertyxp2000 the second's StrategyEdit

1. Have many 3/2 Glaive Ricochet Boomerang Throwers.

2. Have some 2/2 Spike Factories handy in case bloons still leak.

3. Add 2/2 Monkey Villages for Camo detection.

JustLeafy's StrategyEdit

  • If you are playing BTD5 Deluxe, BMC(M)or BTDB(M), put a 3/x Monkey Engineer at the beginning of the track. It will clear out the regrowth and camo properties from bloons that have them.
  • Try adding a 3/x Ice Tower and a 4/x Tack Shooter, very near each other, but the 3/x Ice Tower needs to be placed before the 4/x Tack Shooter, by the perspective of the path of a track. It makes a very deadly combo, and it can clear out bloons (not MOAB-Class bloons) so fast, that the Regrowth bloons can barely regenerate.


Regrowth Bloons born in groups from their parents will also grow separately and will not merge, meaning that a single Ceramic Regrowth Bloon can easily multiply into a large army. A good example of this would be a Black Regrowth Bloon being popped into 2 Regrowth Pink Bloons, which regenerate into 2 blacks, which each get popped into 2 pinks, and so on. It is best to destroy these bloons quickly with multiple-layer towers like 3/x Snipers or use Ice Towers that prevent regeneration.

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