Reverse Mode

Reverse Mode is a mode in Bloons Tower Defense 5 and Bloons Tower Defense 6 which was added on 15th November 2012. In this mode, every bloon appears from the exit and exits at the entrance. When a player completes a track in reverse, they get a green reverse medal for that track. Reverse Mode cannot be in Daily Challenges or Special Missions. Players do not get extra Monkey Money for completing a track in reverse, only the reverse medal is rewarded and nothing else.


  • Version 1.4 in Bloons TD 5 Mobile added The Great Divide along with Reverse Mode.
  • It is possible to win two medals at once in BTD5 if Reverse Mode is completed on a track which selected difficulty hasn't been completed before.
  • Sometimes, Reverse Mode will make a track easier (ex. Crypt Keeper) or it will sometimes make a track harder (ex: Switch) or doesn't affect the track difficulty (ex: The Great Divide).
  • You do not get a different or extra amount of monkey money for completing a map on reverse in BTD 5 Flash or BTD5 Mobile.
  • Reverse is one of two modes that can be enabled on any difficulty, the other being Fast-Track Mode. However, unlike Fast-Track Mode, Reverse Mode is free.
    • In BTD6, Reverse Mode can only be played on Medium.
  • There are several achievements available relating to this mode: The Reverser, Adept Reverser, Advanced Reverser, Expert Reverser, Extreme Reverser, Strike That Reverse It, and Reverse Perfection.