Rink Revenge is one of the easier advance maps in the BTD5 and could be defeated by a experienced/veteran player without much efforts, even on Hard without premiums or special agents.Things to note is that since the curves in the level is wider, towers like tack shooters, mortars and ice towers are not as effective, unlike in the map's easier version. However you utilize the water ponds given to you and doing so could give you a great start.

Though there are many ways to beat this level, these tips are told by only one but experienced player who had beat this level on hard:

  1. To start the game, place a buccaneer on any of the ponds and eventually upgrade him to 1/1, do the same for the second pond, this should give you sufficient popping for early farming.
  2. Between round 25-30, get at least one 1/3 buccaneer, along with a couple more 1/1 ships, also remember to give them camo detection and upgrade your farms.
  3. For ceramics in round 40, you should have a sufficient supply of money for you to afford a 4/2 ninja and for the first MOAB in round 46, get a MOAB Assassin or 2 super monkeys.
  4. Remember to support your super monkeys with a 2/2 monkey village as it gives 10% discount and other benefits. By now you should continue upgrading your super monkeys to robo monkeys for the BFB in round 60 as well as getting your first 4th tier farm somewhere before it.
  5. After getting 2 robo monkeys, you're pretty set for MOAB popping power. Increase your bloon popping power with an arctic wind and glue hose. Remember to get alot of camo dectection as well
  6. By now, with your farm monkey and near-perfect bloon popping power, you're pretty free for new options. Though get more robo monkeys or a sun god just to be safe. Get a 2/4 ninja for the ZOMG if you're playing on hard.

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