This page contains tips for using Road Spikes.


  • Having to pop many Bloons with Road Spikes is a sign that means you need to improve your defenses.
  • Only use Road Spikes when you have to as they don't return the cost used to buy it, unless you're using both Tack Awesomizer AND Double Cash.
  • Lead Bloons are immune to Road Spikes as well as Bloonberry Bushes and destroy them on contact, even if the Road Spike(s) and/or Bloonberry Bush(es) are in the range of a Monkey Intelligence Bureau.
  • If one Red Bloon escapes your defense, it is best not to use Road Spikes to save money (if you must, use Exploding Pineapples instead).
  • Trying to complete a level (even if it is an early one) with just road spikes is not a good idea.

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