Half Super Monkey, half killer robot of death. Super Monkey's arms become pulse cannons of annihilation, able to aim and target independently from each other.
~ Description from Bloons TD 5

Robo Monkey is the 3rd upgrade of the Super Monkey for Path 2 in Bloons TD 5. It costs $7650 on Easy, $9000 on Medium, $9720 on Hard, and $10800 on Impoppable. It can fire regular darts, Laser Blasts, or Plasma Blasts from both of its guns, depending on first path upgrades. Each gun is capable of targetting independently, making it especially effective for tracks with multiple paths. Occasionally, it can shoot at two completely opposite directions, one example being when a Robo-Monkey is shooting at Lobby. Because it can shoot with two guns at a time, it is also stronger against MOAB-class bloons than a regular Plasma Monkey.

In terms of power, two Super Monkeys are less than a single Robo Monkey, since each projectile of the Robo Monkey has an increased popping power by 2. The Robo Monkey is additionally more cost-effective, costing less than two separate Super Monkeys and with its exclusive benefits, could prove more useful in certain situations.



  • The Robo Monkey is a reference to RoboCop, where the main character Alex Murphy is killed and remade "part man, and part machine."
  • The Robo Monkey Icon resembles RoboCop.
  • Robo Monkey is shown to have a tail in the tower icon, but on the track, it seems it has no tail.
  • The Robo Monkey is capable of popping Frozen and Lead Bloons no matter what the first path upgrade is, even if it is only firing darts or laser blasts.
  • The Robo Monkey icon has a red eyeglass, but the official art doesn't have the eyeglass.
  • Even though its in game description says its arms have turned into pulse cannons, its in game artwork depicts it is holding two guns.
  • The Robo Monkey's head is the icon of Hard Difficulty in all tracks except for Extreme.
  • 3 Plasma Robo Monkeys can pop an entire Z.O.M.G, including its children, on every track up to Mount Magma.
  • Upgrading a Super Monkey to a Robo Monkey also gives it an additional range boost.
  • Robo Monkeys have more pierce than normal Super Monkeys. In fact, Robo Monkeys have 2 extra popping power than normal Super Monkeys.
  • If a Robo Monkey is placed in the correct position of a track with multiple paths, its arms will target independent paths.
  • When you fast forward, it looks like the monkey shoots 2 bullets from each cannon and the bullets are further from each other "at the cost". This is same for the Technological Terror.
  • When you overclock the Robo Monkey with plasma twice, it is shooting extremely powerful blasts than you can only see two purple straight thick lines, like a Ray of Doom.
  • For some reason, Robo Monkey can pop lead bloons even without the Path 1 upgrades. It still shows as if the Robo Monkey is shooting normal darts though.

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