Rubber 1

Original bloons rubber blocks


The Bloons 2 Rubber Block

Angled rubber block

Angled rubber blocks

A Rubber Block is a block type in Bloons and Bloons 2. When a dart hits the Rubber Block it bounces off it going the opposite direction. They can be very useful at some situations but annoying at others. They are good for aiming in tricky areas. Rubber Blocks can also appear as angled blocks, bouncing to the angled way depending on how the block is placed. In Bloons 2, the triangle rubber blocks replaces the angled blocks.


Rubber Block sound in Bloons
Rubber Block sound in Bloons 2
Rubber 2


  • In Bloons 1 series, the darts can hit the rubber blocks for up to 25 times before disappearing. In Bloons 2 series, the darts can hit the rubber blocks for up to 15 times.

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