For the Premium Upgrade, see Big Bloon Sabotage.
Sabotage Supply Lines Ability: Sabotage the bloons supply lines for 15 seconds. During the sabotage, all new bloons are crippled to half speed.
~ Official description

Sabotage Supply Lines Icon

Ninja saboteur

Sabotage Supply Lines artwork in BTD5

BFS Ninja Sabouter

BMC artwork

Sabotage Supply Lines-0

Sabotage Supply Lines In Bloons Tower Defense 5

Sabotage Supply Lines is the final upgrade of the Path 2 for the Ninja Monkey. This upgrade allows the Ninja Monkey access to the Sabotage Supply Lines Ability, which slows all of the bloons spawned in the next 15 seconds to half speed. This is very useful for Freeplay Mode, as blimps get faster, as well as Expert Tracks with short paths.

Sabotage Supply Lines costs $2380 on Easy, $2800 in Medium, $3025 on Hard, and $3360 on Impoppable.

Abillity Cooldown Index:

This abillity has a cooldown index of 0.25.

Bloons TD Battles Mobile HistoryEdit

Version 3.1

Nerf Sabotage Supply Lines is more expensive ($2800 → $4000).

Version 3.9

Nerf Sabotage Supply Lines is more expensive ($4000 → $5000).


Ninja Monkey has a red belt just like the Bloonjitsu Master, and has four green eye slits. Also, his fingers are in the same position as a Bloonjitsu Master, making the same "shush" position.


  • Pink Bloons affected by Sabotage Supply Lines Ability move at the same speed as Green Bloons.
  • This is the third cheapest Special Ability in BTD5, only to be behind Absolute Zero and Blade Maelstrom, but the shadow double ability costs Monkey Dollar3250 in total which is debatably cheaper.
  • This is one of two Special Abilities the Ninja Monkey can use, the second is Shadow Double Ability which can be obtained through purchasing the third upgrade of the Ninja Academy and activating it.
  • It can become very useful when you're planning to go to rounds 86+ because it can slow down the M.O.A.B. Class bloons, as they move faster in higher rounds.
  • This is the only ability without an animation (and no sound effects either).
  • In an update of Bloons TD Battles, the ability has been weakened. Sabotage Supply Lines now slows all bloons in screen for 10 seconds. Outside of Battles it will behave normal.
  • The goggles worn by the Ninja Monkey might be a possible refernce to the Splinter Cell games.
  • In Bloons Monkey City, the special building required for this upgrade (the Guerilla Tactics Training Camp) has to be placed on a Jungle Terrain tile. However, it can also be placed on Sticky Sap Plant tiles, too
    • This is likely because Sticky Sap Plants can only be found in jungles. Thus, Sticky Sap Plant tiles are considerably a Jungle Terrain tile.
  • When upgraded to this upgrade, the Ninja Monkey becomes a Ninja Saboteur.
  • The cooldown is one minute.