Sergeant Monkey is the opponent the player fights in the tutorial of Bloons TD Battles Mobile.

Attack PatternEdit

  • First, he will add a 0/0 tack shooter in a corner of the leftmost track.
  • He will wait until a few rounds to get 2 2/2 dart monkeys and 2 0/2 bomb towers.
  • Because he doesn't get Frag Bombs, black bloons you are forced to send will most likely leak all of his lives.
  • It is possible for him to survive the blacks. If he does, he will later build a 2/0 Sniper Monkey, another 0/2 bomb tower, and another 2/0 tack shooter.
  • Afterwards, he will send 1 pack of camo pinks. You should defeat it because you have to use battle energy. The camo pinks you have to send should leak all of his lives if not most.


  • He has 50 lives instead of the original 150 lives. This makes him requiring less bloon leaks.
  • If you have 3rd/4th tier upgrades for bomb towers/dart monkeys/tack shooters, you are still able to use them in the battle.

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