Shadow Double Ability is the bonus ability acquired from the third upgrade of the Ninja Academy Specialty Building. Using this ability creates a shadow ninja identical in upgrades that is randomly positioned within the

Ninja Monkey's range. However in the mobile version, a basic unupgraded shadow ninja is replicated. This shadow ninja only lasts for a short time, lasting TBA seconds. It has a cooldown of TBA seconds.



  • Shadow ninjas can also be clicked to see their info and set their target priority. They can also be sold, however they give no cash.
    • In Co-op Mode, the player is also able to click their partner's shadow ninjas, and do whatever they want with them.
  • Selling shadow ninjas can bypass the max tower limit in Daily Challenges, allowing one more tower, due to a glitch.
  • In the Short-Lived special mission, if the player clicks on a shadow ninja, they can read "und" along with a letter partially cut off (probably an E) in the place where there originally was the sell button. It may probably mean "undefined".
    • The sign won't disappear until clicking away from the shadow ninja, even if a round passes.
  • If you sell the Ninja Monkey right after the Shadow Double Ability is used, the shadow ninja will remain for the duration of the ability (demonstrated in picture).
  • The Shadow Double Ability is the only ability obtained from a specialty building, but not in the Mobile version.
  • The Shadow Double is shaped like a Dart Monkey from the first three BTD games.

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