Shielded Bloon are new types of bloons that made their debut in Bloons Super Monkey 2 (Stage 1-4). As their name suggests, they have a shield around them, which takes around 10 hits to be destroyed, except for the Mini MOAB's, which takes 50. Similar to Camo or Regrowth Bloon types in BTD5, any bloon (even Glass, Golden and UFO) can be a Shielded Bloon. The shield is only visible when the player hits it, but it will fade out soon after. With the exception of MOAB-Class Bloons, Shielded Bloons will be signified by the shock symbol on them. The shield also pushes away the Super Monkey.


  • The shield gets smaller and redder for each hit it takes, representing its health.
  • With Precision Flight, the Super Monkey cannot get pushed by Shielded Bloons before the 1.7 version update (Precision Flight nerf, Daily Blop Reward).

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