Camo Bloons popped by this tower permanently lose their camo status, and can be attacked by towers without camo detection.
~ Official Description

Signal Flare is the third upgrade on the second path for the Mortar Tower in Bloons TD 5. It costs $425 on Easy, $500 on Medium, $540 on Hard, and $600 on Impoppable. In Bloons Monkey City, it costs $750 normally and about $640 when favored. It allows the Mortar Tower to detect and attack Camo Bloons. In Bloons TD 5, the Mortar Tower cannot target camo bloons without this upgrade. When a bloon is struck by with this upgraded tower, the bloon loses its camo status and turns back into a normal or Regen Bloon (depending on its initial status). Towers without camo detection can attack the once-camo or once camo-regen bloons (regen removal only for Bloons Monkey City's Monkey Knowledge Packs).

Bloons TD Battles Mobile HistoryEdit


Nerf Signal Flare cost increased ($500 → $700).


Buff Signal Flare cost decreased ($700 → $550).


Buff Blast radius size increased by 15% (Both 0/0 and 2/0).


Nerf Signal Flare cost increased ($550 → $750).


  • This upgrade and the unupgraded Mortar Tower have the Monkey's fingers in its ears.
  • This upgrade was the only upgrade that removed Camo bloon status from bloons, until the Monkey Engineer's Cleansing Foam upgrade in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe and the Monkey Sub's Submerge and Support upgrade and the Tier 4 upgrade for the Ice Fortress in Bloons TD 5 Mobile.
  • It's the only 3rd Upgrade which is Cheaper than the unupgraded Tower, unupgraded costing $750, Signal Flare costing $500.
  • Signal Flare can remove camo from a DDT.
  • A x/3 Mortar Tower costs more than a 3/x Monkey Engineer, but is more effective in some cases.
  • In Bloons Monkey City Mobile, this upgrade still costs $500 normally.

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