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Dr. Monkey unlocks the power of self-cycling doom energy - a devastating beam of bloon-vaporizing awesomeness
~ Upgrade Description in Bloons Super Monkey 2

Solid Doom is the sixth tier upgrade in the Tech Core upgrade path in Bloons Super Monkey 2. It shoots 5 spread shots of pure "Doom Energy" every frame. This upgrade is very powerful, but it is still useless against Glass Bloons unless research is conducted. It costs Blop Cash Icon23500.


  • The description, name and image depict the upgrade as a Solid Beam like the Ray of Doom. Despite this, it is similar to Doom Burst, albeit shooting faster.
  • Solid Doom is the most expensive upgrade before Sidekick.
  • Using this upgrade with Spikey Shots in both arms is a very good combination, achieving Glass Bloon poppage.
  • Solid Doom is similar to Death Ray Vision from Bloons Super Monkey 1.


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