Because repetition is fun we've introduced the new Sprint Track track, a beginner track where bloons float around a running track.
~ Ninja Kiwi's May 8th 2015 news blog

Sprint Track is a track in Bloons Tower Defense 5 that was released on May 8th, 2015.


This track is set on a track, hence the name. The track has three lanes that act as the paths for the bloons to follow. In the left side of the track is a body of water. It is one of the longest tracks in the game due to the 3 tracks, and towers can hit a bloon many times on the way to the exit.


Name Awesome Points Image
Sprint Track Bronze AwesomeIcon10 Sprint Track Bronze
Sprint Track Silver AwesomeIcon25 Sprint Track Silver
Sprint Track Gold AwesomeIcon50 Sprint Track Gold


Monkey Money Rewards
Monkey-Money Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
First Time $75
Completed $15

Token Rewards
Easy Medium Hard
Token 1 Token 2 Token 3


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