Increases sentry fire rate appreciably
~ in-game upgrade description

A monkey engineer with the sprockets upgrade.

Sprockets is a tier 3 upgrade for the Monkey Engineers second upgrade path. It increases the attack speed for sentries and the Monkey Engineer's nail gun. By getting this upgrade, the tier 3 upgrade in the first path cannot be purchased. Sentries that belong to Sprockets Engineers become SentrySprockets, if any path-1 upgrades are bought.



BMC Sprockets error

The helmet-switching mistake from the Sprockets upgrade in BMC Flash

  • The official artwork has a mistake in it; the Engineer's helmet is red. At the same time, the Larger Service Area upgrade's official artwork has the black helmet from this upgrade.
  • This upgrade also increases range, as it's notable under Monkey Village's influence.
  • The BTD5 Artwork shows that he is showing his teeth angry similar to the Barbed Darts Monkey Sub and the Tribal Turtle (Standard Only, not Pro).
  • Overclock Engineers' sentries are still SentrySprockets.

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