For the epic power in Bloons Super Monkey 2, see Phoenix.
Summon Phoenix Ability: Creates a super powerful flying phoenix that flies around wreaking bloon havoc for 20 seconds.
~ Bloons TD 5 Description

Summon Phoenix is the final upgrade of the path 2 for the Monkey Apprentice in Bloons Tower Defense 5 and Bloons Super Monkey 2.


The Master of Fire appears to be surrounded by flames. It has an orange cloak with yellow margins and carries a curved staff with a red gemstone in the tip. The Phoenix (or firebird) is orange and has firey flight feathers on the wingtips. It shrieks when the ability is activated, and a pulse of flame shoots out of the Master of Fire. The flames from the costume itself does no damage.

Summon Phoenix Ability InfoEdit

The phoenix shoots fire from its mouth but it can shoot fire backwards from its mouth. The phoenix flies around


the center of the screen, similar to Monkey Ace when it is set to fly in an O shape. After 20 seconds, the phoenix will vanish. The phoenix can pop all types of Bloons including Camo Bloons. The phoenix uses a form of its own Dragon's Breath, similar to the Monkey Apprentice, however it shoots faster.

Bloons TD Battles Mobile Update HistoryEdit


Buff Summon Phoenix cost reduced ($5000 → $4000).


Buff Summon Phoenix now deals an extra +1 damage to M.O.A.B. Class bloons.


  • In Bloons TD Battles, the phoenix is nerfed and it shoots slower and it has less popping power. Also, the pheonix takes 20 seconds to recharge along with only spawning for 10 seconds.
  • The Wizard Lord has a stronger version of the Master of Fire's ability.
  • Since the phoenix flies around the screen for 20 seconds, and the ability charges for about 60 seconds, the ability seems like it charges for 40 seconds because the phoenix is flying around for 20 seconds.
  • The 20 seconds before disappearance counts even between rounds.
  • Unlike the Monkey Ace, which shoots repeatedly, the Phoenix needs to be close to the bloons in order to attack.
  • Its target priority is close because the Phoenix needs to be close to the bloons and will fire at the closest bloon.
  • Its price has been reduced from $8000 to $5000 in an update.
  • If you sell the Master of Fire when the Phoenix is flying, the Phoenix will keep flying until the ability ends, even if the Master of Fire is sold. This is not the case in BTDB or BTD5 Steam Version
  • On Bloons Monkey City the Master of Fire is seen meditating on an empty Volcano/Phase Crystal Terrain.


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