Pro Super Monkey Storm

Pro Super Monkey Storm Unlocked!

  • Super Monkey Storm Pro official artwork.
  • 34 super monkey storm pros!
  • New description
  • Super Monkey Storm Pro unlocked in the Special Agents Shop

Super Monkey Storm Pro is the Special Agent Pro for the Super Monkey Storm. It is unlocked after using 50 Super Monkey Storms, totalling to Monkey Dollar2500. Super Monkey Storm Pro enables you to summon two waves of Super Monkeys instead of one per use.That being said, a single wave can clear all bloons in an instant, and may render the second one as pointless. It is, however, effective for higher rounds where there are remaining bloons after Bloon Rushes, as well as being effective against MOAB-class bloons.


  • When the second Super Monkey Storm wipes the screen, there are Laser Blasts being shot from several monkeys.
  • The capes on the Super Monkeys are purple, although they have laser vision, not plasma vision.
  • If the Super Monkey Storm Pro is activated about when the round ends, the second wave will come immediately on the next round.
  • It says "The next Super Monkey Storm you place will have this upgrade", even though you can't place SMSs.

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